The Domain

Thank you for your interest in this domain. I am not really interested in selling it, but a sufficiently large offer would seem to make it prudent for me to reconsider that position.

What's sufficiently large? At the time of this writing, I would take offers to purchase the domain outright seriously only if the cash amount offered is greater than US $5,000,000. I would almost certainly take an offer of US $10,000,000.

I realize that these are large numbers. As I wrote above, I am not very interested in selling, and I do not expect that any serious offers will be made. I made this page because I get numerous offers on a regular basis, which I am generally not interested in because they would not reasonably compensate for the business and personal disruption involved in changing the name.

If, based on the information in this page, you think it's worth our time to discuss, please feel free to send email. If you are considering writing to tell me that my price is too high and I should consider doing a deal with you for less money, or for a deal involving equity or some other sort of future possibility of value, don't bother.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Bornstein

February 2006